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As an engineer, Laketronics is a great production partner to work with on new programs and program changes."

-Production Engineer
Johnson Controls

Expert Design and Engineering Support

Practical Engineering to Solve YOUR Problems

"End The Nightmares Caused by Wire Harnesses & Control Assemblies...
  Put Laketronics on Your Team."

Wires, Electro-Mechanical Assemblies and Control Assemblies are some of the last items addressed in the of the least understood... yet one of the key components affecting performance... Why?

  • Typically wire harness design and electrical layout is
    not the focus of design engineers.

  • Wires are soft,.. they bend ..they stretch - creating
    problems during the manufacturing phase.

  • Controls are complex and sequential assembly is easily misunderstood.

  • Defense and Aerospace Harnesses are affected by part
    obsolescence that must be addressed, documented, and overcome.

Laketronics brings tangible engineering experience to your team to meet these and other challenges.

Design for Efficiency and Quality:

Laketronics engineers and trained personnel have extensive experience and understand the intricacies of superior harness and control design – the kind that anticipates your manufacturing process and foresees problems before they arise.

We know all the right questions to ask to help you consider every aspect of your designs, from the impact on the assembly process to the rigors of your product’s operating environment. Our support team helps minimize your time to market with efficient layout and prototype production.

Re-design & Modifications to Combat “Tribal Knowledge”

Harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies can informally "evolve" as your product design changes. Unfortunately, that can create a nightmare of complexity. Soon the original design “devolves” into “tribal knowledge” – prints don’t match the product and your current supplier has you boxed in.

Laketronics takes responsibility for not only helping you continually improve the performance and reliability of your products, but also insuring that your design prints stay current so your specifications are always met exactly. Our attention to these details is part of the value we add as a supply chain partner.

For practical and timely engineering support contact us today and put Laketronics expertise to work for you!

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