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 Control Boxes, Wire Harnesses & Assemblies








“Laketronics is a key supplier in our network because they fully support our operations and engineering development.

-Business Unit Manager
Defense Systems Corporation

The Leader in Critical Reliability, Quality and Service for:

Control Boxes


Electro Mechanical Assemblies


Custom Wire Harness Assembly

Do your product specs require absolute reliability?

Is development support and service crucial from your suppliers?

Laketronics customers, like you, MUST HAVE perfection in the products they manufacture for the defense, aerospace, medical, telecommunication and other industries.

We know that the reliability of your critical products can be at risk because of the unique challenges inherent in the production of control panels, electro-mechanical assemblies, and wire harnesses. These challenges result from the high labor component in manufacturing, inadequate testing, damage during final assembly and other factors.

With 30 years of manufacturing expertise, these challenges are no mystery to Laketronics. Performance nightmares are pre-empted by our insistence on 100% compliance to your specs for materials, production, and testing.

With flexible, lean manufacturing capabilities, Laketronics responds to your evolving product development schedule, spikes in production demand, and your need for service parts.

We built the Laketronics reputation by supporting the critical operations of our customers with unparalleled quality and service. Learn more about our unique capabilities and contact us for a quote.

When you require exacting quality and precision service, put Laketronics on your side!

Contact Laketronics today and put the industry leader to work for you!

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