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 The leading electrical prototype manufacturer

“Rapid prototyping and test part production, Laketronics supports our program development cycles by helping us with timely responsiveness.”

-Design Engineer
Armored Vehicle Manufacturing Company


Prototyping/Custom Services To Support Your Engineers


Fast Prototypes, Service Parts and Pre-production parts.

Flexibility, Speed, Support and Results...Laketronics is your Prototyping Partner from functional design and fitting up to pre-production sampling.

The Design and Manufacturing of YOUR critical components is supported in each phase of the development process including:

  • Fit, Form and Conceptual configuration to determine the relative dimensions needed. Our expertise in wiring layout and control panels helps to ensure a design that not only performs well but also improves your assembly process.

  • Pre-production, Samples and Proof of Design of the final design to be used in manufacturing. This is an actual piece that will be used in production, to confirm testing and layout requirements.

  • Manufacturing test-run of 50-100 units to support limited testing prior to full-scale production. This pre-production run is vital to insuring that quality standards are met at your anticipated production levels.

Service Parts are no problem for Laketronics. We routinely support customers with service requirements lasting up to 30 years. We understand the challenges of component obsolescence and component substitution that makes service parts a constant challenge. Laketronics works with you to fulfill your orders whenever the need arises. We are in the service business to support your service and your customers!

Lean and Flexible Operations Support Quick Turnaround. Our goal is speed - to help you move your design into production as quickly and cost effectively as possible….while identifying opportunities that will benefit you in the long run.

Contact us today for your prototyping and test part service needs to get you into production fast!

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